Best Eye Wash for Dogs

On the lookout for the best eye wash for your fur pal? We hear you! Eyewash is one of those products that is essential in order to keep your pooch’s sight clean and moisturized. When you are a furry parent, you’ll soon realize there are essential items your furry pal will need, including the best eye wash you can find. This is why today, we’ll be telling you about some of the best eyewash for dogs currently available on the market.

Dogs have naturally sensitive eyes, leading to eye irritation if exposed to various factors such as a virus, foreign object, or bacterial contamination; this is the main reason for the existence of eyewash for dogs which provides relief of these symptoms. You want to look for a formula that will not only treat a possible infection but also, one that won’t cause further irritation.

As you can tell by now, as a responsible owner you should know how to deal with this situation when the time comes, and finding the right eyewash for your beloved fur pal is a must. Doing a little research is always a good idea. When buying eyewash for dogs, there are a few things to keep in mind before making that final choice. Check out some of the best eyewash for dogs.

Best Eye Wash for Dogs FAQs

What are some of the most common eye problems in dogs?

  • Injuries or Corneal Ulcers: A nearly endless list of things can result in eye injuries or corneal damage. Your pooch could end up getting jabbed in the eye by a stick while running through a forest, another dog or cat could scratch him in the eye, or you may accidentally poke his eye during playtime.
  • Debris in the Eye: Dirt, sand, grit, and a litany of other things can get into your dog’s eyes, especially under the third eyelid, and cause irritation. But no matter what kind of stuff is in your dog’s eye, you’ll want to flush them with liberal quantities of sterile saline, distilled water, or boiled-and-cooled tap water.
  • Epiphora: Epiphora is a condition in which your dog’s eyes produce more tears than normal. Note that epiphora is actually a symptom of a problem, rather than a specific disease.
  • Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of your dog’s inner eye. Like epiphora, conjunctivitis can spring from several different root causes, but it most commonly occurs in response to a bacterial infection.
  • Dry or Irritated Eyes: Simple dry or irritated eyes are often caused by things like allergies, windy environments, dry indoor conditions, high dust levels, or potentially after swimming in chlorinated pool water.
  • Cataracts: Cataracts are opaque sections that can develop on the lens of your dog’s eye. This will obscure your dog’s vision and potentially lead to cataracts and even complete blindness over time. Genetics, diabetes, and exposure to UV rays are all relatively common causes of cataracts, but there are a few other potential causes as well.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma refers to a condition in which the pressure inside your dog’s eyes rises, sometimes dramatically so. The condition is common among some breeds, but it can afflict any dog.
  • Cherry Eye: Cherry eye is a relatively disturbing condition to see, as it occurs when your dog’s third eyelid prolapses. The condition often follows inflammation of the nictitans gland, and it can cause some mild to moderate irritation for your pooch.
  • Entropion: Entropion is a condition in which your dog’s eyelid rolls inward. This leads to pain and discomfort, and, in some cases, it can lead to corneal damage. The condition is common in a number of breeds, and in almost all cases, it’ll require surgical treatment.

What does an eye infection look like?

The symptoms of eye infections in dogs include weeping eyes, yellow, green, or white discharge, squinting, swelling, and redness. Your dog may also paw at or scratch its eyes to try to get relief.

Why do you need the Best Eye Wash for Dogs?

Oftentimes recommended by vets, eyewash helps keep the eyes moist and has antibacterial or antibiotic effects. Some eye drops are better for preventing conjunctivitis rather than treating it.

Is saline eyewash safe for dogs?

Dog eye drops are made with natural ingredients including Saline, which safely and gently cleans your dog’s eyes.

How to use eyewash for dogs?

  • Pry open your dog’s eyelids with your clean and dominant hand. Slowly and carefully pour the solution into the eyes using your other hand. Make sure that the tip of the saline bottle doesn’t touch the eyes to avoid contaminating it.
  • Ensure the solution covers the entire eyeballs by opening and closing your dog’s eyelids. By doing this, the solution will evenly distribute and coat the entire eye.
  • Do not hesitate to use as much of the solution as you want. It is not a medication that can cause an overdose. It is just a cleansing agent to help flush away the dirt and dust on the eyes.
  • Use an amount that can properly flush away the dirt and eye boogers inside and outside your dog’s eyes. Salines are also gentle, so you do not have to worry about anything. It can help relieve the discomfort like stinging, itching, or pain your dog experienced.
  • You can use it regularly, and apply 2-3 drops into the eye to rinse out debris from your dog or puppy’s eyes.

Is apple cider vinegar good for dogs’ eyes?

Due to apple cider vinegar’s acidity, make sure to avoid getting it in your dog’s eyes. Never give apple cider vinegar undiluted to your dog since it is acidic.

What can I use as an eyewash for my dog?

Add a level of ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to 1 cup of pure water and stir. Keep at room temperature; pour a small amount into a cup or dish. Apply by dripping from a saturated cotton ball into the eye or by using a glass or plastic dropper. Apply until it runs out of the eye to flush out any irritating substances

Best Eye Wash for Dogs

Vetericyn Plus All Animal Ophthalmic Gel

Provide safe and effective relief for your pet’s eye irritation or wounds with this antibiotic-free, non-toxic eye gel. Approved for use on all animals, from cats and dogs to horses and livestock.

Apply the gel to the affected eyes 1-2 times per day as needed. It’s specially formulated so it won’t burn or sting, and can be used on animals from young to old. It can also be used as part of regular pet care to prevent eye issues.

Save yourself the expense of a trip to the vet with solutions your animal care provider would recommend. From your home to the farm or ranch, care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable.

Best eye wash for dogs: vetericyn plus all animal ophthalmic gelPin


  • FDA-registered
  • Pain-Free Solution
  • Allergy Symptoms

Burt’s Bees for Pets Dogs Natural Eye Wash

Tap into nature’s powers with Burt’s Bees For Dogs Eye Wash made with Saline Solution that can flush out debris by mimicking our dog’s own tears. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Saline Eye Wash is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients for your peace of mind and a happy dog.

Burt’s Bees uses all-natural ingredients because we wanted a powerful but safe way to clean your dog’s sensitive eyes without any harmful chemicals or irritants. The 99.9% natural formula is made with the highest quality ingredients. Burt’s Bees Eye Wash formula is pH balanced especially for your dog or puppy.

This effective yet gentle pet eye cleanser is 100% safe, and free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals.

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  • Gentle
  • Easy to Use
  • 100% Safe

I-DROP VET PLUS Lubricating Eye Drops

This is a lubricating solution that brings immediate and lasting hydration and lubrication with every blink to companion animals suffering from acute or seasonal dry eyes.

Delivered in a convenient and economical format, I-DROP VET PLUS continually refreshes and stabilizes the tear film, providing superior comfort with fewer applications.

I-DROP VET PLUS contains viscoadaptive biopolymers and is packaged in a 10-mL sterile, multidose, delivery system.

Best eye wash for dogs: i-drop vet plus lubricating eye dropsPin


  • Lubricating Eye Drops
  • Superior Quality Hyaluronan
  • Innovative Bottle Desing

Cliny Universal Pet Eye Wash Cleaner for Dogs

Cliny provides gentle care for dogs and cats, prevents eyes, eliminates clogging, and relieves puffiness and irritation around eyelids.

Cliny contains boric acid, which disinfects the eyes and reduces inflammation of the eyelids. It also contains taurine, which activates the process of eye restoration.

This cleaner contains silver ions, which have a bactericidal effect, and panthenol, which helps heal wounds and soften skin.

Best eye wash for dogs: cliny universal pet eye wash cleaner for dogsPin


  • Easy to Use
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Eye Cleaner

Miracle Care Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash

Soothing and gentle, Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash is specifically formulated to clean and remove uncomfortable eye debris.

Safe for dogs and cats, the Sterile Eye Wash is a non-stinging formula that is safe to use in and around the eye.

Wipe away any excess matter from the eye. Remove the top of the cap and direct flow from the top of the spout over the surface of the eye. Flush affected eye(s) as needed. Wipe away debris with clean gauze or cotton.

Best eye wash for dogs: miracle care eye clear sterile eye washPin


  • Non-Stinging Eye Irrigation Formula
  • All Ages
  • Easy to Use

Vets Preferred Eye Cleaner for Dogs

The antibacterial formula is suitable for daily use, as well as urgent cases. Use the dog eye drops rinse to relieve allergy symptoms, rinse out dirt, and moisturize dry eyes.

Foreign particles like pollen, dust, and dirt can lead to chronic irritation and infections. Rinse your dog’s eyes with the dog eye cleaner to relieve itchiness and keep your dog’s eyes free of debris.

Does your dog have watery and crusty eyes? Use the tear stain remover for dogs regularly to relieve tear stains, as well as to break and dissolve crust and discharge.

Best eye wash for dogs: vets preferred eye cleaner for dogsPin


  • Safe
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective Formula

Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse for Dogs

Specially formulated to create an inhospitable environment in the eyes for germs and bacteria. Includes Borid Acid that helps fight eye infections and irritations caused by foreign particles and air pollution.

Regular use will help remove tear stains and slow down their formation. Cleanses and soothes even the most sensitive eyes.

Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse for dogs is a safe and effective way to keep dogs’ eyes free of irritation and can help soothe effects from seasonal allergies such as smog and pollen.

Best eye wash for dogs: nutri-vet eye rinse for dogsPin


  • Cleanse
  • Easy to Use
  • Boric Acid

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Photo of author
Miva, the passionate Pomsky enthusiast and expert behind Pomsky Shop, hails from the beautiful country of El Salvador. As a devoted wife and proud mother of five grown children, Miva has always had a deep love for family and pets. Her journey into the enchanting world of Pomskies began with the arrival of her beloved Griffin, a playful and affectionate Pomsky who instantly captured her heart.