Best Blanket for Dogs that Shed

As much as we love our fur friends, we want to keep them away from some regions of our homes, precisely their hair. If your dog sheds a lot, you’ll want to protect your furniture and bedding; here is where the best blanket for dogs that shed is a must. This is why today, we’ll be telling you about the best blanket for dogs that shed.

Certain breeds have a natural tendency to shed more than others. If you can relate, this is the main reason for the existence of pet hair-resistant blankets. If you don’t want to end up with Fido’s hair in every corner of your home, you’ll want to look for a blanket that can contain hair, this way protecting your furniture and making cleanup easy.

You can tell by now that having the suitable fabric is crucial to disposing of the hair pets collect. And doing a little research is always a good idea. When buying blankets for dogs that shed, there are a few things to keep in mind before setting up your mind. Check out some of the best blankets for dogs that shed.

Best Blanket for Dogs that Shed FAQs

What kind of bedding should I get if my dog sheds a lot?

Comforters made of silk, satin, tightly-woven microfiber polyester, sateen cotton, or cotton with a thread count of at least 400 are generally superior to jersey, knit, and low-thread-count cotton ones when it comes to resisting dog hair.

What are the best fabrics for dogs that shed?

  • Synthetic Fibers: Synthetic microfibers such as microsuede and microfleece have tiny fibers that attract and hold pet hair, keeping nearby areas free from billowing hair. The synthetic fibers are smaller than usual, less than one denier in size, making for a tight weave that won’t stain or lock pet hair in.
  • Cotton: Tightly woven cotton fabrics such as plain weave, twill, or jersey can provide your dog a soft place to rest. Cotton fabrics will stain more easily than microfiber with urine, vomit, feces, or body oils, but most stains will come out with pre-treating.

What to look for in a blanket for dogs that shed?

Not all microfiber and cotton materials are suitable for shedding dogs. The best blanket choices allow you to brush or shake-off pet hair before laundering to avoid clogging your machine with dog hair. Avoid loosely woven fabric or “waffle-weave” blankets, which trap hair in the fibers of the material.

How to choose the Best Blanket for Dogs that Shed?

  • Design: Home décor is important to a lot of pet parents and most of the time, the décor is ruined by bulky and ugly pet products that don’t match the house. Most of the blankets on this list are available in a variety of colors to ensure you find one that matches or compliments your home décor.
  • Size: If you are planning on using the dog blanket on the sofa, you might need a throw-style blanket, or you might need a full-size blanket for your bed. Always consider the size of the surface you want to cover when choosing a blanket.
  • Waterproof: Does your puppy stain your furniture with saliva, urine, or vomit? If so, stain-resistant blankets are highly recommended. These waterproof dog blankets provide protection and are easy to clean.
  • Easy to Clean: When it comes to pet hair, you either want to be able to easily wipe it off the blanket or toss the blanket into the washing machine. Try the plush style blankets if you want the blanket to attract the hair, similar to a magnet, and hold it there until it goes into the washing machine.
    Choose the slick and shiny fabric blankets if you are looking for easy hair removal and a blanket that can be shaken outdoors to allow all the hair to fall off.

How to use a blanket for dogs that shed?

  • Sofa: First, most pet parents use a blanket on their sofa. This blanket either covers a small area of the sofa where their dog likes to sit and sleep alone, or it covers the entire sofa so your dog and cuddle up next to you anytime they want.
  • Bed: If you and your dog share the bed, this means your sheets, comforter, and mattress are all at risk of having pet hair stick to them and potential stains. A blanket can protect the surface of your bed no matter where your dog sleeps.
  • Car: Does your dog enjoy coming along for car rides? If so, a blanket that covers the entire seat is beneficial since it protects against hair and dirt, stains, and damage.
  • Kennel or crate: If your dog spends a lot of time in its crate, folding a blanket and placing it inside the crate will provide comfort for your dog.
  • Floor: Another great way to use a pet hair-resistant blanket is if you have children that spend a lot of time with your family pet. If your children lie on the floor to watch tv and nap with your dog or sleep in their bed, a pet hair-resistant blanket is an excellent option.
  • Outdoor: If your children are still very young and spend most of their time outdoors sitting in the grass playing with their toys while your dog jumps around them or naps nearby, a blanket can help them stay in the same area.

Best Blanket for Dogs that Shed

Catalonia Waterproof Blanket for Bed

Reversible waterproof blanket, two-color versatility, membrane insulation lining filled in between the soft microfleece, cover your bed and keeps bedspread clean and dry, comfortable to sleep with it.

A waterproof Bed blanket saves quilts, sheets, and the mattress when your kids or pet has an accident. It traps the urine and prevents it from getting on your furniture.

The durable waterproof blanket cover helps keep any dirty stains or hair off the sofa, furniture, and upholstery. Ideal for indoor and outdoor: bed, couch, chair, boat, vehicles, beach, camping, stadium, concert.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: catalonia waterproof blanket for bedPin


  • Fleece
  • Light Gray
  • Waterproof

PetAmi WATERPROOF Dog Blanket for Bed Couch Sofa

Perfect for your pet to lounge and nap on your sofa. Thick warm sherpa and fleece make this waterproof pet blanket suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It’s been reinforced so any liquids (water or urine) will not leak from one side of the blanket to the other side of the throw. Perfect for small, medium, and large dogs and cats, and kittens.

Protects your furniture from scratching, chewing, fur, and shedding while keeping your pet comfortable and furniture free of fur and urine. Also great as a pet car blanket and lining for dog crates, kennels, and pet mats.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: petami waterproof dog blanket for bed couch sofaPin


  • Reversible Microfiber
  • For Large Dogs
  • Gray

PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket

This blanket has coated flannel on one side that repels water, and the other side is lined with soft Sherpa fleece that will absorb liquids, effectively stopping anything from seeping through.

The dog blanket helps to protect your furniture and make your pet feel comfortable. With soft plush on one side and fuzzy Sherpa on the other, your dog, cat, or other pets will love to snuggle up on this warm and cozy throw blanket.

The pet blanket provides protection from stains, spills, and pet fur, and is also an attractive throw on your sofa, chairs, or bed. It’s ideal for protecting carriers, kennels, or seats in your car while you travel with your furry friend.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: petmaker waterproof pet blanketPin


  • Reversible
  • Throw Blanket
  • Cream Color

SILLY LEGACY Thin Reversible Waterproof Protective Cover

This pet sheet protects your bedding from hair, dirt, and any other messes that come along with your pet. It is reversible in 2 shades, to be used on the bed, couch, sofa, car seat, crate, floor, and other furniture.

This bed and mattress protective liner for pets is made up of a lightweight, breathable, and waterproof material that keeps dirt, moisture, and odors away.

This bed and furniture protector comes in King and Queen sizes, covering and protecting your entire bed. Suitable for all, from small to large pets.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: silly legacy thin reversible waterproof protective coverPin


  • Reversible
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

Sherpa Pet Blanket

Pee Proof Dog Blanket, Microfleece side of the blanket is made of durable waterproof fabric, the liquid will not make it through, never worry about your little friend wetting the couch or comforter. Machine washable on gentle cycle.

Helps keep your pet hair away from furniture and upholstery, perfect for indoor use or inside your car or RV, anywhere a family pet hangs out.

Great Waterproof blanket, measures 80×60 inches; you may use it to cover the couch, sofa, bed, car back seat for large dogs, puppies, or kitty. Keep you from wash bed sheets daily.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: sherpa pet blanketPin


  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof
  • Large

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

100% Double-Sided ultra-soft plush material. This well-made pet blanket is ideal for travel and naptime. Machine washable and OK with tumble dry never shed or fade

Soft and cozy Keeping pet hair off furniture. Perfect for protecting the couch and bed or placing inside a pet carrier, Car & RV.

Perfect for cats, puppies, small size dogs, such as Chihuahua and Papillon, Pomeranians, Bichon, Maltese, Yorkshire Poodle toy, etc.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: pawz road pet dog blanketPin


  • Small Size
  • Premium Material
  • Easy Care

PetFusion Premium Dog Blanket

This calming dog blanket provides your pet with a greater sense of security and comfort. It is perfect for large size dogs, such as Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, etc.

You can protect your furniture from scratching, clawing, & unwanted pet hair. It also makes a great puppy blanket for a crate, car, couch, bed, and floor!

Dense fibers produce a durable dog blanket. It is also stylish in-seam & premium quality stitching makes this an ideal kitten blanket.

Best blanket for dogs that shed: petfusion premium dog blanketPin


  • Polyester
  • Soft, Cozy
  • Reversible

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Photo of author
Miva, the passionate Pomsky enthusiast and expert behind Pomsky Shop, hails from the beautiful country of El Salvador. As a devoted wife and proud mother of five grown children, Miva has always had a deep love for family and pets. Her journey into the enchanting world of Pomskies began with the arrival of her beloved Griffin, a playful and affectionate Pomsky who instantly captured her heart.