Best Detangler for Dogs

On the lookout for the best detangler for your furry friend? We hear you! Dog lovers often fall for their pet’s cute looks, and truth be told it’s hard not to fall in love with them at first sight. However, when you are a furry parent, you’ll soon realize there are essential items your furry pal will need such as a detangler for dogs. This is why today, we’ll be telling you about some of the best detanglers for dogs.

Our furry babies often get their hair matted; this is the main reason for the existence of detanglers for dogs, which can help comb through the fur. Dogs may experience badly matted hair for a number of reasons and a detangler is needed to help your doggy reveal healthy fur.

Whether you already are a furry baby parent or are looking to get your very first dog pet, a detangler for dogs will save you and your pet a lot of headaches. However, as a first-time owner, doing a little research is always a good idea. When buying a detangler for dogs, there are a few things to keep in mind before making that final choice. Check out some of the best detangler for dogs available on the market.

Best Detangler for Dogs FAQs

What is a dog detangler spray?

Dog detangler sprays work effectively to deter tangle and mats from the dog’s body. They wonderfully nourish the dog’s coat and serve as great leave-in conditioners. You can use it on dry or wet hair, then brush gently or use a comb to remove any tangles, mats, or knots.

How do you detangle matted dog hair?

Using an oil-based detangling spray will help to comb through the fur. Hold the fur below the tangle (next to the skin) and gently separate the tangle into smaller pieces. Use short, fast strokes with a comb and then with a slicker brush. This way there’s less pulling on the skin, which can be painful!

How do you groom a badly matted dog?

Shaving out mats with clippers is the safest way to remove a severe mat. This will leave a bare patch in your dogs fur. If your dog only has one or two small areas where mats are severe, we may be able to shave those areas and keep the length on the remaining part of his body.

Does detangler spray work on dogs?

Detangling spray isn’t necessary for all pups, but it can be a helpful component of your dog-grooming toolbox if your pooch has long thick, or easily tangled hair. Dog detangler spray acts as a sort of leave-in conditioner. They help to soften your dog’s hair, loosen knots, and make the hair a little slicker.

Can I use a human detangler on my dog’s body?

Always you may not get a good result by using human care products on dogs. Human skins are different from pets. Dogs may have a bad skin reaction to using these products.

What to keep in mind when choosing the best detangler for Dogs?

  • Ingredients: There are some manufacturers that use parabens and other unhealthy chemicals in their products. You should ensure all healthy ingredients which have no side effects and make your dogs happy and healthy.
  • Efficiency: The assigned formula promises to deter tangles within a limited time period. It also makes your dog’s fur shiny and soft instead of greasy or sticky feelings.
  • Scent: Sometimes the scent is problematic. It smells bad or too chemical and makes dog owners incredibly hesitant about using it. Look for fresh scents without unnecessary and overpowering perfumes.
  • Price: Most long-haired dogs need to be groomed a couple of times a week, if not daily, so it’s wise to find a detangler that’s as affordable as it is effective.
  • Compatibility: If your dog takes topical flea or tick treatments, you’ll want to make sure that your detangler of choice does not interfere with the efficacy of your pup’s medication.

Best Detangler for Dogs

Lillian Ruff – Pet Dog Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler Treatment Spray

Spray generously on your dog’s coat, and use a comb, your fingers, or a loose brush or pick to gently incorporate and undo matting and tangles.

Your dog’s coat will be left feeling silky and smooth. Makes a great gift for pet lovers. Safe for cats. This conditioner does not contain any harmful chemicals which prevent skin irritation, making it a perfect conditioner for dogs with normal, dry, or sensitive skin.

Safe for dogs, cats, and most pets. This conditioner has a very subtle fresh scent that leaves your dog smelling great for days.

Best detangler for dogs: lillian ruff - pet dog leave-in conditioner & detangler treatment sprayPin


  • Easy to use
  • Vegan
  • Sulfate-Free

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Detangling Spray

You can rest assured that Burt’s Bees for Pets is made with this planet’s best natural ingredients. It is also pH balanced especially for dogs and puppies.

The Burt’s Bees for dogs Detangling Spray is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients for your peace of mind and a happy dog. Simply spray it onto your dog’s coat to help prevent mats and knots. This detangling spray for dogs is a great way to keep your pet looking and feeling his best.

This Burt’s Bees Detangling Spray for dogs helps to detangle and moisturize your pup’s fur. Made with natural ingredients, this detangling spray works to make brushing less of a chore and more of a fun bonding experience. Burt’s Bees products are cruelty-free and formulated without colorants, sulfates, and added fragrances.

Best detangler for dogs: burt's bees for dogs natural detangling sprayPin


  • Citrus Scent
  • Reduces Tangles
  • Easy to Use

New Natural Apple Detangling Spray

This great smelling all-natural pet detangler effectively removes troublesome tangles and prevents new mats from forming while being ultra-gentle your pet’s coat and skin. The spray is gentle enough to use as often as needed.

Regular use will reduce the number of baths and trips to the groomer needed, saving you time. Our spray may be used on matted areas prior to bathing, but for best results, bathe and rinse your furry friend first.

To use, take care to shield pet’s eyes, spray coat thoroughly from head to tail. Fully saturate heavily matted areas. Massage into the coat and allow to stand for up to 5 minutes. Using fingers, gently pull apart mats. Rinse pet well and dry using a clean towel or blow dryer. Once the coat is fully dry, brush or comb out the remaining mats.

Best detangler for dogs: new natural apple detangling sprayPin


  • Gentle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Apple Scent

TrueBlue Pet Products Easy Comb Detangling Dog Spray

This d detangling and conditioning spray is strong enough to tackle the toughest snarls after a bath, yet gentle enough to use every time you brush!

This spray eliminates tangles, making combing out a breeze, and creates a smooth, shiny, beautiful coat. Tear-free formula with no detergents, parabens, phosphates, or alcohol.

Also contains Vitamin B which helps detangles the coat while olive extract provides moisture and creates a glossy shine.

Best detangler for dogs: trueblue pet products easy comb detangling dog sprayPin


  • Botanical Blend
  • Tear-Free
  • Pro-Vitamin B

BioSilk Therapy Detangling and Shine Dog Spray

Leave your furry best friend feeling like she just left the doggie day spa with the BioSilk Therapy Detangling and Shine Dog Spray.

This spray is formulated with silk proteins and enriching vitamins that work together to help detangle fur and loosen knots while leaving her coat with a natural, healthy-looking shine.

Used after a bath or between baths, this advanced formula is pH balanced and free from sulfates and parabens. to give your pal the healthiest hair around. Plus, it’s safe for use with topical flea and tick treatments.

Best detangler for dogs: biosilk therapy detangling and shine dog sprayPin


  • Moisturizing Ingredients
  • pH Balanced
  • Fresh Scent

TropiClean Tangle Remover Spray

Help remove tangles and knots with TropiClean’s Tangle Remover Spray! This cruelty-free solution is formulated to help ward off dirt and dust, restore moisture, reduce drying time and help prevent mats and tangles for 50% less brushing time!

It comes ready to use and doesn’t require any rinsing. Simply spritz your sidekick to encourage a shiny, smooth coat and fur-esh finish.

Gets rid of tangles and restores elasticity while reviving damaged coats, leaving hair healthy and shiny. Quickly penetrates mats and tangled hair, cutting brushing time in half.

Best detangler for dogs: tropiclean tangle remover sprayPin


  • Soap-Free
  • Removes Loose Fur
  • Won’t Affect Flea Treatments

John Paul Pet Lavender Mint Detangling Spray for Dogs

This luxurious botanical shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and safely whiten and brighten white or light-colored fur. Also, use to add highlights to darker-colored fur.

Blue and purple optical enhancers make dull fur appear whiter and more vibrant. Five conditioning agents including aloe, chamomile, and pure oatmeal moisturize and soothe coats; sweet almond oil conditions while imparting a wonderful almond fragrance.

The light and refreshing “Beneficial Botanical” formula fragrance soothes the senses and imparts a gentle scent throughout your pet’s skin and fur. Cleans thoroughly, rinses easily, and leaves fur sparklingly clean and shiny. Designed for use on all dogs.

Best detangler for dogs: john paul pet lavender mint detangling spray for dogsPin


  • Lavender, Mint Scent
  • pH Balanced
  • Conditioning Agents
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Photo of author
Miva, the passionate Pomsky enthusiast and expert behind Pomsky Shop, hails from the beautiful country of El Salvador. As a devoted wife and proud mother of five grown children, Miva has always had a deep love for family and pets. Her journey into the enchanting world of Pomskies began with the arrival of her beloved Griffin, a playful and affectionate Pomsky who instantly captured her heart.