Can Dogs Eat Pretzels

When you own a dog, you become responsible for the care and overall well-being of your fur pal; as such you must be aware of the basic needs that your pet requires and that of course includes, what and what not exactly they can eat. That is the reason why today we’ll be telling you about a very important question, can dogs eat pretzels?

Despite what you may think, dogs shouldn’t eat human food, that’s pretty much the reason why it exists dog food and dog snacks. It is because their food is packed with the nutrients they need to stay healthy, which is not the same as human food. As you can tell, a dog’s diet isn’t something to toy around with, they can actually become pretty ill if they ingest the wrong food and may end up taking an emergency visit to the vet.

Believe it or not, some food can actually be toxic for our fur pals so no matter how much they beg or look at you with those big puppy eyes, next time you are tempted to share your snacks with them, think again. If you aren’t sure what not to feed your pooch, doing some research is always a good idea. Find out below all about, can dogs eat pretzels?

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels FAQs

What happens if my dog eats pretzels?

Even the amount of salt found on hard-baked pretzels can lead to thirst and sodium poisoning. Of course, larger dogs will need a larger amount of pretzels. However, small dogs can become ill after eating only one of these tasty human treats. When a dog eats too much salty food, it can quickly become dehydrated.

What is it about pretzels that can harm dogs?

  • Sodium: Hard and soft pretzels are high in sodium, which can contribute to excessive thirst and urination, dehydration, and heart disease or kidney failure for dogs.
  • Flavorings: Flavored pretzels with spices like garlic or onion powder will upset your dog’s stomach, and sweet pretzels may contain yogurt or artificial sweeteners like xylitol, a toxic ingredient that can cause liver failure in dogs.
  • Carbohydrates: Pretzels have large amounts of carbohydrates, which can increase dogs’ blood sugar levels and cause weight gain.

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels? If so how many Pretzels can your dog eat?

Assuming we are discussing smaller, hard-baked pretzels that are easier to toss out like little treats, it’s wise to not give more than one a day to your pet if you’re doing so daily; even less if you’re enquiring about a puppy or a small breed of dog.

Can my dog have one pretzel?

The short answer is that pretzels are a bad snack for dogs. Even though eating a small bite of one once in a while won’t hurt your dog, you should still put this on your “not safe for dogs” list. Do not give your dog anything with toxic ingredients in it, including salty potato chips or salt.

Can salted pretzels hurt a dog?

While eating the occasional plain pretzel once in a blue moon won’t hurt your dog, it is not a good idea to give your dog pretzels. This is principal because these treats are very high in salt, which your dog is not as accustomed to digesting and processing as you. Both of these are toxic to dogs.

How much salt/pretzels can a dog eat?

A 33-pound dog should only have 100mg of salt per day. There is about twice that amount in just 23 pretzel sticks to put that in perspective. While a few bites of a pretzel probably won’t hurt them, overeating salty foods could.

What are the signs of salt poisoning in dogs?

  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Walking Like Intoxicated
  • Watery Diarrhea
  • Lack of Energy
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Convulsions
  • Excessive Thirst

Can Dogs Eat Pretzels

Below we’ll go into detail about the different types of pretzels and if your dog is allowed to eat them or not.

  • Soft Pretzels: Soft pretzels are just as safe as cornbread, so it’s safe to give your dog a bite of a soft pretzel on rare occasions but you shouldn’t make it a regular part of their diet. They are not the best dog treats and they aren’t a healthy snack, but they are safe for your furry friends.
  • Hard Pretzels: If you can limit how many hard pretzels your dog eats, it is safe for them to munch on one or two bites. The best idea is to keep hard pretzels away from your pet. It has way too much salt on it for it to be a safe snack for them.
  • Pretzel Sticks: Dogs should not regularly over-indulge in pretzel sticks. In just 23 pretzel sticks there is twice the daily amount of sodium.
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels: Even though peanut butter is safe for dogs, peanut butter pretzels are not a good idea. There is 3 times your dog’s daily amount of sodium in just 11 pieces. Don’t let your dog eat them.
  • Yogurt Covered Pretzels: Salt and carbs are not the only dangerous ingredient in popular pretzel snacks. Sugar and dairy are both dangerous for dogs too. The answer is still no.
  • Surprisingly, white Fudge Covered Pretzels: White fudge-covered pretzels have less sugar than yogurt-covered pretzels. Even so, it still has too much for you to give your dog safely. You should also keep your dog away from any kind of pretzels that have artificial sweeteners. Look for harmful ingredients like Xylitol that are unsafe for small dogs or any dogs.
  • Sourdough Pretzels: Sourdough pretzels are typically larger than the other bite-sized snacks on this list. Just one sourdough pretzel has twice the safe amount of salt for dogs. Do not let them munch on one of these.
  • Pretzel Crisps: The bad thing about these chips is that since they are so thin they are really easy to overeat. It is a popular snack for humans, but large quantities of excess salt are harmful to your dog’s digestive system.
  • Pretzel Bread: In general, dogs should not eat bread. Too many carbs can negatively affect their blood sugar control and might lead to weight gain. What about garlic bread? Can Dogs Eat Edamame?
  • Pretzel Goldfish: Even though there is less salt on pretzel Goldfish crackers than traditional pretzels, you should still avoid giving it to your dog.
  • Dots Pretzels: Not only does it have a large amount of salt, but it also has garlic and onion powder on it too. Those are both unsafe for pets to eat.
  • Gluten-Free Pretzels: Gluten-free pretzels are still just as unhealthy for dogs as the wheat-flour varieties. There is still way too much salt in them for your dog.
  • Cinnamon Pretzels: Dogs should not eat cinnamon pretzels. Too much sugar is detrimental to your dog’s health.
  • Honey Pretzels: Even though honey itself is safe for dogs, too much sugar can actually lead to tooth decay, blood sugar issues, and obesity.
  • Mustard Pretzels: Dogs should stay away from mustard pretzels too. They have far too many spices on them to be safe for your pet.

Pretzel-Like Snacks Safe for Dogs

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Photo of author
Miva, the passionate Pomsky enthusiast and expert behind Pomsky Shop, hails from the beautiful country of El Salvador. As a devoted wife and proud mother of five grown children, Miva has always had a deep love for family and pets. Her journey into the enchanting world of Pomskies began with the arrival of her beloved Griffin, a playful and affectionate Pomsky who instantly captured her heart.